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Columbia South Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

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Are you overwhelmed with credit card debt, medical bills, car payments?

Almost everyone faces financial difficulties from time to time caused by a job loss, excessive medical bills, debts related to divorce or other life events.   The decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult one, but the consequences of not handling your finances can be much worse.   A bankruptcy filing may help you save your home from foreclosure, prevent a car from being repossessed, or provide you with a discharge from unsecured credit card or medical debt and, in some circumstances, tax debt.   Bankruptcy law provides individuals struggling with overwhelming debt an opportunity to have their debts adjusted or discharged and to get a fresh start in their financial life.

There are several types of bankruptcy filings, one of which may be the right solution for you. With the help of an experienced South Carolina bankruptcy lawyer, you will be able to settle a financial crisis and move forward with your life. The following are some of the types of bankruptcy possibilities available to individual debtors:

Chapter 7 allows you to:

  • Discharge unsecured bank loans and/or credit cards
  • Immediately stop harassing collection calls
  • Eliminate overdue medical bills
  • Eliminate certain tax problems
  • Eliminate certain court judgments
  • End wage garnishments
  • Release frozen bank accounts
  • Stop harassing collections calls

Chapter 13 allows you to:

  • Make a reasonable monthly payment based on your income and expenses, not on your debt
  • Save your home from foreclosure
  • Retain all your assets
  • Stop harassing collection calls


I understand that a client facing a bankruptcy filing is under great stress and facing one of the most important decisions of his or her life.   I treat my clients with respect and compassion while counseling them on the best alternatives available to them to address their financial difficulties, and I strive to provide my clients with efficient, high quality representation.

I am a member of the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association and the SC Bar Consumer Law Section and have over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy and consumer law.

As a bankruptcy law firm who represents debtors, the Law Office of Barbara E. Brunson is classified as a debt relief agency under U. S. Bankruptcy Code.

Barbara E. Brunson, Bankruptcy Attorney, Columbia, SC

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1522 Richland St., Columbia, SC 29201VISIT THE OFFICE
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The information on this Columbia SC Bankruptcy attorney website is for general information purposes only. This information on this website is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing of this information does not constitute, an attorney client relationship.

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